Art with words

"Language is the machine that makes the art." That is from Sol LeWitt. His idea was that a sentence is isomorphic with the thing it describes. The words are as much the art as the thing it describes. He left it to "draftsmen" to mechanically render the art. My draftsmen are programs called compilers. They, like LeWitt's draftsmen, faithfully render the sentences that are given them.

Not all sentences are art, and not all art can be compiled from words.

For me, art is any creative object or activity. This includes fine art, visual design, information visualization, architecture, education, law, finance, and so on. My job is to the design and implement languages that allow practitioners, both non-technical and technical, to compile solutions in their domains of work.

Computation is the greatest of human inventions since language itself. It is not just a bicycle for the mind as Steve Jobs famously said. It is an engine of progress for societies, present and future. Gutenberg enabled us to print words. Alan Turing and his peers enable us to turn words into action. Because of Turing, we are able to literally move mountains with our words.

My mission is to help people move mountains with their words.

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